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Our Programs

Various experiences will be provided within each individual age group to promote development and school-readiness. At A2Z we implement Mother Goose Time Curriculum, for more information please visit www.mothergoosetime.com.

Infants (Birth to 18 months): Infant 1 & Infant 2
bulletVisual Stimulation- bright colors, interesting shapes to observe
bulletSocial Interaction – playing and sharing with other children
bulletMotor Skills & Muscle Development- building with blocks, catching and throwing, shape sorting
bulletLanguage Development- interaction with teachers and other children, singing, sign language
bulletExploring their Senses- touch, smell, taste, and hearing
bulletTrust In Adults- relationship with caregivers

Toddler (18 months to 3 years): Toddler 1 & Toddler 2
bulletSocial Interaction- playing and sharing with other children
bulletGaining Independence- teaching and allowing children to do things on their own, with help if needed
bulletLearn to Explore and Experiment- discovering things in their environment and thinking about how they work
bulletLearn to Deal with Emotions and Frustration- hitting, biting, and throwing
bulletFine Motor Skills- puzzles and blocks
bulletUnderstanding Quantity & Counting- 1 block, two dolls, three books, ect.
bulletExploring Senses- tasting, feeling, smelling, and hearing objects in their environment
bulletLanguage and Development- understating the most simple sentences spoken to them, learning to speak in three-to-spacerfive word sentences and carry on simple conversations. Sign language – words and songs

Preschool (3 years to 5 years): Preschool & Pre-K
bulletColors & Shapes- recognizes and names all colors and shapes
bulletNumbers- recognizes 0 to 20, uses numerals 0 to 20 in counting, compare quantities to determine more or less,
spaceridentify penny, nickel, dime, quarter
bulletLanguage- experiments with writing independently, pretends to read, listens and responds to literature being read, spacerrecognizes all letters, recognizes first and last name and can write it, follows simple directions
bulletConcepts- understand big and little, long and short, understand up and down, in and out, understand hot and cold, spacernight and day
bulletMotor Skills- able to run and jump, able to throw a ball, able to clap hands, build with blocks, complete simple puzzles, spacerdraw and color
bulletSocial Emotional Development- knows home address and phone number, plays and shares with other children, puts spacertoys away and helps with chores, able to work independently

School age (5 years to 12 years): Before and After & Summer Care
bulletBefore & After School Care- Transportation to and from local schools. Organized play, exploring creative arts,
spacerassistance with completing school projects.
bulletSummer Care – Organized group activities, outdoor play, field trips.
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